Planning - 1

War in a MMORPG (MMO) can be defined in two combative modes; player versus environment (PVE) and player versus player (PVP). All outcomes in MMOs are defined by these two modes.

Players: The most successful players in MMOs strive first to be the best in one class and in both combat settings. They thoroughly study both PVP and PVE elements to the game they play. While some games may cater specific routes of progression for either element for those who wish to specialize in the modes they prefer, it is still essential to understand and excel at both.

Designers: Current and future generation MMOs must cater to players who enjoy both PVE and PVP. Games must include both elements with balance; no one element must overshadow the other in a balanced MMO. Game design may articulate which element is more important, and if this is the case, the game must follow that path to its end. Games that add an element at a later date fail to realize the importance of MMO expansive design.

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