Planning - 15

Does the guild have a system to promote fairness in both PVP and PVE? Does the guild have a charter by which it has listed its methods of operations?

Players: One of the most contentious aspects of guilds in an MMO is the distribution of rewards from styles of play. While PVP often rewards individuals via a system built into the game (often rankings determined by number of players killed, battles won), PVE in most MMOs does not have a mechanic built into the game. It is up to the members of the guild to decide on a method to distribute rewards in a fair way. This method should be discussed at length by the members of the guild and a fair, but set way should be implemented. Once implemented, very minor if any changes should be made from that point on to the system. This must be given much consideration.

A charter is the defining document of a guild, and should include how rewards are distributed so that all current and potential members are aware of the system.

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