Planning - 7

Guilds must create a rank structure, maintain supplies and items, maintain a set form of distribution, and wisely use guild resources to maximize potential.

Players: Guilds whose structure allows for a democratic design (one where all players are involved in the day to day processes) and allows for some semblance of group decision making is more apt to ensure harmony between all members of the guild. This structure should be in writing and available to all members in the form of a charter. The charter should list the guild’s hierarchy, goals, and expected conduct of all members.

Guilds should have a system in place, agreed upon by all members, that determines how items and supplies are distributed. This system should be in writing, and available for all members to refer to in the event of disagreements or grievances about item distribution.

Designers: Guild mechanics should have built-in and customizable rank structure within the game, with abilities to determine levels of control each rank should have. Included in this should be a guild “bank” where associated ranks and selected members of the guild have different levels of access to the bank holding the guild’s items and currency.

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