Waging MMO War - 11

Rewards should be given to those who accomplish most of the fighting.

Players: This includes raiding, a common term for large-scale PVE encounters. Those who are consistently doing the majority of playing, supporting, and fighting during these encounters should be the recipients of the majority of rewards. A system needs to be in place that clearly defines how party and guild members will receive rewards during all encounters. Many modern MMOs include “looting systems” as game mechanics that allow for distribution of rewards, but higher levels of organization (guilds in this case) require a system outside of the game to determine who is the best recipient for rewards that are harder to obtain. Without a well-established system, conflict over fair play may result in disharmony and lack of trust between members of guilds. It is essential that guilds determine this system at the earliest time possible during the planning phase for any MMO.

Designers: In modern MMOs, rewards should be given (loot, experience) to those who do the majority of fighting (either by way of damage or damage mitigation) and those who aid in the fight (healing). One should not be able to stand around in a fight and reap rewards or the benefits of being on the battlefield. Systems should be sound enough to avoid exploiting by association or distance to the actual enemy. An example of this would be to not allow a lower level player reap the benefit of having a higher level player kill for them.

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