Tactics - 2

Players make themselves undefeatable, but the enemy provides the opportunity of defeating himself.

Players: No player can beat the unbeatable. The enemy will provide the opportunity for victory, and the wise player sees these opportunities immediate and strikes like a lightning bolt.


Tactics - 1

The best players make their defeat impossible, and wait until the right time to defeat the enemy. 

Players: The best offense is worthless if the enemy has been given the advantage of winning in any contest. Players should always strive to ensure they can survive any encounter. If the odds are stacked against the player and defeat is likely, then fighting is not the best option.


Strategic Attack - 10

Each player must know their own capabilities and that of their enemies, throughout all aspects of the game (i.e. race, class, profession.). By knowing these things, a player will be prepared for victory in almost any setting.


Strategic Attack - 9

Four key elements are needed to be victorious in MMO war:

(1)  Know when to fight and when not to fight.
(2)  Know how to lead both strong and weak players and groups.
(3) Have a collective understanding of how to appropriately fight for a given battle and the morale to do so.
(4) Be constantly prepared for battle, and know how to prepare for battle.


Strategic Attack - 8

A leader in PVP or PVE can be defeated by not properly moving the group, administering the group without knowledge of the players in the group, and by having others leaders in the group who are not trained in the art of leadership.

Players: The achievements of a group of players rest upon the shoulders of the leader.


Strategic Attack - 7

A small group of players can defend for a lengthy time because regardless of position, they must be defeated by the larger group before losing.

Players: This should be seen as an advantage. The smaller force only has to defend for enough time until reinforcements arrive to defeat the larger group.


Strategic Attack - 6

In PVP, if the group’s forces vastly outnumber the enemy attack quickly without reprieve. If equal in number, expect an equal outcome. If slightly less in players, avoid the enemy. If unequal run and obtain reinforcements.


Strategic Attack - 5

A skillful leader in PVP knows when to launch an attack without needless movement of other players.

Players: A leader should strive to direct others with constant efficiency of motion. No player should move without the most direct line to attack another player, or without the outcome of an attack already perceived.


Strategic Attack - 4

In both PVE and PVP, the leader who needlessly attacks the enemy has failed in their objective.

Players: The objective is victory, and once obtained, no attack is necessary.


Strategic Attack - 3

Avoid attacking the enemy player when they have the advantage. An enemy who will not attack when they have the advantage has already lost.

Players: One should strive to convince an opposing player they will lose a fight, even though the enemy clearly has the advantage.


Strategic Attack - 2

The best players already know the strategies used by the enemy and can prevent the enemy’s strategy from being used.

Players: The ability to respond (make an educated and deliberate action) versus react (make an action based on the moment) is the difference between a master player and a novice. A novice lives in the moment, while a master has already determined the outcome before the battle has begun.


Strategic Attack - 1

To fight and win is not the ultimate goal in an MMO; to have enemies run when they merely have a glimpse of you is an assured victory.

Players: If the morale of the enemy is such that they run to get aid when they see you in PVP, you have already broken their spirit and will to fight.