Weak Points and Strong - 3

Showing the illusion of weakness, the skilled player draws the opponent in; through fierce attack he forces the opponent to be weary of advance. 

Players: Feinting maneuvers can be highly effective to draw in an opposing force and destroy them. When given the choice, feign weakness.


Weak Points and Strong - 2

Skilled players impose their will upon their opponent, and never let the opponent’s will be imposed upon them.


Weak Points and Strong - 1

Getting to the battlefield first and waiting for the enemy is superior to being caught off guard by hurrying to the battle. 

Players: “Getting to the battlefield” could also be referred to as knowing the battlefield. When one knows where the best points of attack and defense are before the battle commences, they are at ease. Those thrown into a battlefield without previous knowledge are not only unprepared, but must make their decisions with haste.


Energy - 20

The leader in an MMO who utilizes the energy of other players with the utmost effectiveness creates momentum that cannot be stopped and ensures victory.

Players: Much like a team is built upon different types of classes or professions in a game, a leader provides focus and motivation which should in turn amplify the energy of each player they lead. All energy spent is focused via the abilities of the leader.


Energy - 19

The effective leader looks to be deceitful with the utmost efficiency; in an MMO the best player must be utilized to combine this tactic with others for efficiency of energy.

Players: Leaders must choose players who are masters of illusion and deceit. An entire strategy can rest upon the shoulders of such players; the leader’s decision can ensure victory or defeat based on choosing these players.


Energy - 18

Keeping the enemy baited, the adept player controls the movement of the enemy.

Players: When the enemy is controlled, victory is ensured.


Energy - 17

The player or leader who is adept at being deceitful creates a situation in which the enemy is sure to act. He is as a fisherman with fresh bait; the fish is sure to strike.

Players: Creating a situation that ensures the enemy will act must be done in such a way that is convincing. The wise enemy will sense a ruse that is done without the utmost of sincerity. Just as overuse of a tactic will ensure the enemy changes their strategy, overuse of a ruse will enlighten the enemy. At times, no deceit can create the illusion of deceit and ensure the enemy’s mind is trapped. One must always keep the enemy guessing.


Energy - 16

The ability to create the illusion of disorder is a matter of tactics.

Players: Leaders and groups who are well versed in the ability to create the illusion of disorder can continually play to the weaknesses of the game design or the poor decision making of the enemy player. Feigning weakness is an example of such tactics.


Energy - 15

The greatest measure of discipline in a group is the ability to create the illusion of disorder which creates a false sense of courage for the enemy; illusion of weakness that creates a false sense of strength.


Energy - 14

When fighting in an MMO, there may seem to be complete disorder; but in this disorder may be found evidence of victory.


Energy - 13

The energy of a player is potential and kinetic. All thought prior to the point of decision is potential; once the decision is made, all energy is from that point on is kinetic and cannot be returned.

Players: The ultimate power a player possesses is in the decisions made that lead to victory. Victory’s foundation is made up of proper decisions; failure’s foundation is made up of faulty decisions. Decisions are the cornerstone of the energy released during battle.


Energy - 12

A good player destroys their opponent quickly, and makes decisions without delay.

Players: When a course of action is decided upon, the outcome is already determined once the action is decided upon. The player who can see the outcomes of each decision is the player who can destroy their opponent quickly. Those who have studied every outcome of a situation presented in an MMO based on the classes or professions involved in the decision point will be able to make informed decisions that will always lead to victory. This is an essential difference between a mediocre and a great player.


Energy - 11

Decisions made by players in battle must be done with correct timing if they are to destroy their opponent.

Players: Decisions lead to actions. If one decides too quickly, the action will be incorrect. If one decides too late, their delay can lead to their downfall. One must decide at the correct moment.


Energy - 10

A well-built party is a force that can crush anything in its path.

Players: When building a party, one must consider balance and essentials above all things. A party must balance what is needed to complete the objective along with essential qualities that each class chose brings to the party. The same applies to any size of group.


Energy - 9

In an MMO a force can only attack directly and indirectly, but the possibilities in which they do so is endless.

Players: Direct and indirect attacks lead to each other, and each class has an endless possibility of both, combined with other classes leads to an infinite number of possibilities for attacking an enemy.


Energy - 8

There are set number of traits or specializations for classes in a MMO, but the combinations of these specializations with other classes and their specializations are endless.

Players: A wise leader is one who can find value in every class specialization, and uses each to their utmost potential, thus ensuring victory along with morale for the players.