Weak Points and Strong - 21

Avoid striking the enemy where he is strong, and relentlessly strike at what is weak.


Weak Points and Strong - 20

When one tactic gains you victory, switch to another. Let the method in which you defeat the enemy be guided by an infinite number of possibilities.


Weak Points and Strong - 19

The wise leader allows the enemy to defeat themselves with their own tactics.

Players: Whenever possible, allow the enemy to use their tactic, and counter it most viciously.


Weak Points and Strong - 18

Conceal your plan, conceal your strong and weak points; let no glimpse into your force’s disposition.


Weak Points and Strong - 17

Force the enemy to show their plan and compare it to your own; their strong and weak points will become apparent. 

Players: By forcing the opponent to fight, you reveal their intentions. Allowing your opponent to do nothing reveals nothing.


Weak Points and Strong - 16

An enemy may be stronger in numbers, but can be prevented from fighting. When one knows the enemy’s plans, their ability to succeed is also known.


Weak Points and Strong - 15

The numerical difference between the strong and weak defense comes when having to prepare. The enemy who must defend against a multitude of attacks is weaker than the enemy who need only prepare against one tactic.

Players: Too often, players fall into the trap of using only one tactic continuously, which upon its discovery are unable to obtain victory through other means. Those who have only one tactic are weaker than those who have planned for all possibilities before the battle has even begun.


Weak Points and Strong - 14

When the enemy moves to strengthen a point, he weakens another. If he must send reinforcements to every point, he will be weak at every point. 

Players: If possible, attack from many directions in battle. Use misdirection to force the opponent to move to disadvantageous positions.


Weak Points and Strong - 13

The point where the battle will occur should not be made known; this allows the enemy to prepare in advance for all contingencies. If the enemy must plan for attack from any direction, their forces will be spread out and smaller in number at each place.


Weak Points and Strong - 12

The whole force must be used to split up the enemy into parts. In this way the entire force of many attacks smaller forces of few. 

Players: This methodology is fairly consistent throughout MMOs. Instead of killing all the enemies at once, most players will choose which player or computer enemy to strike at first to make the opposing force weakest. By concentrating action or by disrupting the ability of the opposing force to work in synergy, the greatest amount of damage can be done in the easiest way possible.


Weak Points and Strong - 11

When the enemy’s plans are realized, keep your own secret; concentrate your force and divide the enemy’s.


Weak Points and Strong - 10

Continually bombard the enemy with chaotic attacks when defending to prevent full engagement. 

Players: A defending force should penalize an attacking force by constantly breaking up their tactics, and always defending with such viciousness the attackers are deterred from continuing to attack. If the attacking force is content to stand without advancing, punish them for doing so. Draw them into snares, never revealing your intent, destroy them piece by piece.


Weak Points and Strong - 9

If an enemy shelters himself in an impenetrable place, attack where he must move out to defend.


Weak Points and Strong - 8

When you attack a weak point, your advance ensures the enemy cannot resist; movements must be more rapid than those of the enemy’s to ensure protection.


Weak Points and Strong - 7

Attack that which cannot be defended, and defend that which cannot be attacked. 

Players: The goal is to attack the enemy’s weak points relentlessly and defend strong points with the utmost of resiliency. If one can move between these two actions, they can impose their plans upon the enemy at will.



Weak Points and Strong - 5

Attacks should be made at points where the enemy is least expecting, and must defend with a large response. In this way, the attack can be always moved to force the enemy to move.


Weak Points and Strong - 4

Attack the opponent who is standing still and force them to move. 

Players: In many MMOs different classes or professions will naturally seek to defend themselves by the use of terrain and buildings to allow them to support the stronger members of their force while keeping themselves safe. Nothing is weaker than a player who is forced to move rather than be able to use a skill or ability that would help their force. Players who must concentrate solely on keeping themselves alive or moving have weakened their overall force.