Maneuvering - 1

In an MMO, group leaders receive their commands and authority from the guild leader.

Players: This chain of command must be written out for the entire guild for reference, and both in and out of game, the ability to see who is in charge is important. Ranks are often used to distinguish what position and function players hold and accomplish within the guild. These should be clear and understandable.

An Apology and Restart!

Due to the fun of being a guild leader, as well as working full-time and having a family, I had this down for a bit. Well, I'm back, and will begin posting again tonight, hopefully back to one every other night as I have done in the past.

I hope you have enjoyed what you have read so far.

Here is to our continued journey.


Weak Points and Strong - 24

The greatest of leaders are those who can change tactics for any situation in relation to the enemy.


Weak Points and Strong - 23

Conditions of battle change and have no constant. 

Players: This is especially true in PVP where human opponents are limited to the constraints of gameplay like computer-generated opponents are. What may work once against a human opponent may never work again.


Weak Points and Strong - 22

Attacks should be like water; their course should follow the natural flow of events and change to meet each demand. As terrain changes, so do foes, and the flow of the tactics should be like water. 

Players: Battle in an MMO is a constant process of change, from one tactic to another. Players, groups, and leaders must be able to change from tactic to tactic without stopping. When they have stopped, they have lost their ability to change victory. In this way, battle in an MMO is never done until victory is obtained, therefore, never stop.