Variation In Tactics - 2

When in a hostile faction’s territory, do not stop. In game areas with a clear view, meet with allies. Never stop long in a position that allows you to be easily attacked. When you are enclosed, use your strategies. When the situation is desperate, you must fight.

Players: In many MMOs, the ability to fight is directly related to mechanics in the game allowing players to “flag” themselves for PVP, or by having specific PVP areas. In areas that are not flagged for PVP, a player can be confident there is no threat. In contested and hostile areas, players must always be ready to fight and accept that a battle will occur.


Variation In Tactics - 1

In a guild, group leaders receive their direction from the guild leader, and are the key to the movement of players.

Players: Guild leaders should stress the importance in the training of tactics throughout the guild.


Deviation - 24

Whenever you surround an enemy, leave an outlet. Do not push a desperate player too hard.

Players: An enemy player, by virtue of being under attack, will take the quickest route back to the safest place. Because they are weak they will go to where their allies are strong. If you push a desperate player too hard, they may also bring their allies to fight; this may be a disadvantageous position.


Deviation - 23

Do not pursue the fleeing player, nor swallow bait offered by the enemy.

Players: If a single enemy fights while withdrawing, and continues to press a fight while alone, expect an ambush.


Deviation - 22

Do not advance uphill toward the enemy, nor oppose them when they come downhill.

Players: While in an MMO this is not necessarily as important, line of sight issues as well as distance differences do come into play. Those who hold the high point have increased range in many cases and are a difficult force to conquer.


Deviation - 21

Study the enemy carefully. Refrain from intercepting a group who is at the ready, who displays calm and is collected.


Deviation - 20

Remaining calm is essential in PVP. Wait until the enemy is in disorder, and you are with perfect order.


Deviation - 19

A clever leader in PVP avoids opponents when they are fresh, and attacks when their spirit is low.

Players: This can be used in conjunction with feigning maneuvers, by building an impenetrable defense that forces a long siege, or by continually pushing back and attacking until their resources or will are broken.


Deviation - 18

A player is most engaged at the beginning of an engagement, wearied in the middle, and by the end, is only thinking of completing the objective and returning to relaxing play.

Players: This is very noticeable in PVE scenarios. Players are normally very fresh and eager during the beginning of a dungeon or engagement, by the middle they become worrisome over the amount of effort being spent, and as the engagements linger on they become frustrated. This becomes very apparent when progress is not being made, particularly in new content.

In PVP scenarios, this is also true. During the beginning, players are very eager to battle the opposition, but as the scenario lingers on they often revert to objectives that do not coincide with winning the battle, and may entirely give up to allow the scenario to end more rapidly and begin again. This is often true of a weaker team going up again an opponent who is viewed as impossible to beat.


Deviation - 17

A group of players can be robbed of their spirit; their leader can be robbed of his presence of mind.


Deviation - 16

When a group of players is united, it is impossible for brave players to advance alone or weaker players to retreat alone. This is the art of handling large groups of players.


Deviation - 15

When engaged in battle, use game mechanics efficiently and effectively to make intended objectives known to allow players to focus their efforts.

Players: Many games allow a player to “ping” or draw on a miniature map of the current area. Some MMOs allow players to mark enemies through a system of symbols, or through the use of targeting windows. All of these types of mechanics allow a leader to efficiently maneuver and focus players in their group.

Deviation - 14

Ponder and deliberate extensively before a guild’s campaign.

Deviation - 13

When accomplishing a goal in PVP or PVE, divide the spoils among all members evenly.


Deviation - 12

Guild plans should be dark and impenetrable, and when a guild moves, do so like lightning.