Deviation - 18

A player is most engaged at the beginning of an engagement, wearied in the middle, and by the end, is only thinking of completing the objective and returning to relaxing play.

Players: This is very noticeable in PVE scenarios. Players are normally very fresh and eager during the beginning of a dungeon or engagement, by the middle they become worrisome over the amount of effort being spent, and as the engagements linger on they become frustrated. This becomes very apparent when progress is not being made, particularly in new content.

In PVP scenarios, this is also true. During the beginning, players are very eager to battle the opposition, but as the scenario lingers on they often revert to objectives that do not coincide with winning the battle, and may entirely give up to allow the scenario to end more rapidly and begin again. This is often true of a weaker team going up again an opponent who is viewed as impossible to beat.

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