Deviation - 24

Whenever you surround an enemy, leave an outlet. Do not push a desperate player too hard.

Players: An enemy player, by virtue of being under attack, will take the quickest route back to the safest place. Because they are weak they will go to where their allies are strong. If you push a desperate player too hard, they may also bring their allies to fight; this may be a disadvantageous position.


  1. Anonymous6/05/2012

    I don't understand this. In PVP, how do you not push an enemy player too hard? You're basically just trying to kill each other. And isn't it when you leave him an outlet that he WILL escape to run to his allies? If he has no outlet then you can kill him safely.


    1. You must understand the one must always control the battle, from single encounters to large-scale conflicts. It is advantageous to allow a single player to escape to see the route of escape. This route can be exploited for future attempts of escape. By allowing a large group an apparent route, a pincer trap by two allied forces can be accomplished.

      Often, if you ignore the single player, you avoid them baiting into an ambush. Additionally, players often become too concerned with killing a single player which causes them to not be able to support the larger campaign's objectives.

      In most cases, if a single player is attacking a large force, they have anterior motives beyond just dying. They are often attempting to slow the force and lead them on a chase for the purposes of tactical deception.

    2. Due to my phone "the one" should be "that one" in the first sentence.


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