Variations in Tactics - 6

A group leader who lacks knowledge in varying his plans and a variety of tactics will fail to make the best use of his party.


Variations In Tactics - 5

Even if a player knows everything about the layout of the game and its various area, without knowledge of tactics they will have very little practical value to a group or guild.

Players: It is essential that every player learn the tactics of their class, the tactics of their guild, and the tactics of the game design. Without being knowledgeable in each of these areas, they are a failure at their class, in a guild, and in the game.


Variations In Tactics - 4

The group leader who understands all the various tactics and each advantage is the one who knows how to handle groups of players.

Players: Knowing the plan and how to execute grand strategies, and multiple tactics with various complemented forces to gain the advantage is the epitome of game knowledge by a player.


Variation In Tactics - 3

In PVE and PVP there are paths which should never be followed, groups of hostile enemies or players that should not be attacked, safe cities that should never infiltrated, positions that should not be contested, and times when the group or guild leader’s commands should not be obeyed.

Players: All players must spend time learning the safest routes of travel, but be ready to fight along any of these routes. Attacking a hostile city or position that leads to the ruin of the group is ill-advised and leads to broken morale. On the other hand, when a situation presents itself for victory, even if told unobtainable by a guild or group leader, smart players take the advantage and will be rewarded appropriately for their quick action.