Variation in Tactics - 13

When a group is defeated, the cause is most likely to be found among the five faults. Therefore they require careful thought.


Variation in Tactics - 12

The five faults of a group leader are: (1) Recklessness, which leads to failure of the group;(2) cowardice, which leads to the loss of objectives; (3) a quick temper, which is easily flared by insults; (4) being oversensitive to situations, which leads to shame; (5) over-concern for their players.


Variation in Tactics - 11

Groups should not rely on the enemy not coming, but on being ready for the enemy to attack, and making their own position impenetrable.


Variations in Tactics - 10

In PVP, attack the opposing forces leaders and keep them constantly in battle. Bait them into disadvantages positions and force them to rush their players to any given point.

Players: This is especially important in PVP areas that are focused on capturing points to obtain a higher score. One must never feel rushed to a point; instead the enemy should be forced to continually be on the move.


Variation in Tactics - 9

If in a difficult situation a group leader is always ready to take the advantage, then the group will be able to avoid unfortunate outcomes in both PVE and PVP.


Variations in Tactics - 8

By having the expectation of gaining the advantage, the essential part of the plan can be accomplished.

Variations in Tactics - 7

An experienced group leader understands and takes into consideration both advantages and disadvantages in their plans.