The Guild on the March - 13

Terrain in which there are confined places should be passed through quickly, and used to force the enemy into.

Players: Terrain in this sense can be anywhere in the game that funnels players or enemies into a small area. By virtue of this, if being funneled, a group can be more easily destroyed one-by-one. Similarly, if using such an area to funnel the enemy into, it is easier to focus a large group on one enemy that cannot receive the aid of its allies. This is especially advantageous in PVP where the terrain can often be the entrance to a structure.


The Guild on the March - 12

If the game terrain changes to where crossing becomes impossible at certain times, you should wait in safety until it is advantageous to cross.


The Guild on the March - 11

When you come to rising terrain, occupy the side with the most light and with the slope to your right rear. This allows you to utilize the advantages of the ground.


The Guild on the March - 10

If you are concerned about your players, and stop in easily defendable and solid positions, you will ensure victory if attacked.



The Guild on the March - 8

If in a level area, position yourself so that rising ground is to the rear so that a safe route lies behind and the danger is kept in front.


The Guild on the March - 7

If forced to fight in a slow area, do so with your back to stable ground.

Players: The reason for this is to force the enemy to stay in the slow ground.


The Guild on the March - 6

In any area that can slow the player, your only concern is to get over it quickly.


The Guild on the March - 5

If you want to fight quickly, do not go to an area that is hard to cross.


The Guild on the March - 4

If an opposing group of player is on the march across such an area, do not advance to meet them in the middle of the area. Allow half of them to cross, and then attack.


The Guild on the March - 3

If you must cross an area that does not allow any retreat, move far from it after crossing.


The Guild on the March - 1

While crossing terrain, look for signs of the enemy. Go quickly over high and rough terrain, while focusing on terrain that allows you to see the entire battlefield.