The Guild on the March - 25

If there is a disturbance within a group of players, the leader’s authority over the group is weak. If the group leaders of a large force are angry, it means their players are fatigued.


The Guild on the March - 24

If in the course of a battle, if the enemy does not seize the advantage, they are weak.



The Guild on the March - 22

If some players advance while others retreat, they are luring their opponent to attack.


The Guild on the March - 21

If players are moving toward their determined position, the battle is about to begin.


The Guild on the March - 20

If a group of players propose a truce without weight, it indicates an evil plot.


The Guild on the March - 19

When the classes of the enemy that are very mobile take up positions on the sides, it is a sign the enemy is forming up for battle.


The Guild on the March - 18

Players must be aware of the signs of an enemy preparing to advance. Feigning weakness is a sign of an enemy about to advance. Being loud and driving forward as if to attack is a sign they will retreat.


The Guild on the March - 17

Players must be aware of signs of movement by the enemy. It is not enough to see the enemy when they are already visible.

Players: Look for signs both in areas where there are computer generated enemies and players who can attack. Resource points that are empty, enemies moving to attack something currently unseen and enemy corpses lying on the ground are visual cues to the enemy being near. Often game designers have special sounds for actions of players that can lead to audio cues to an enemy being near as well.


The Guild on the March - 16

If an enemy is close but does not attack, they are relying on their strength of position. When he baits and tries to provoke attack, he is eager for the opposing force to attack.

Players: Position in this case can mean a difference of level, the power of gear or class, or that others may lie in wait to attack. Be wary of the player who taunts and baits others to come close and follow.


The Guild on the March - 15

If a group is to pass through an area full of hills, and covered in natural hiding places such as thick brush or bushes, the route must be carefully selected and scouted before-hand. These places are where an ambush is most likely to happen.


The Guild on the March - 14

While a group leader in PVP should keep their players away from such places, they should force the enemy to have them at their rear.