The Guild on the March - 37

If guild and group leaders show confidence in their members but insist on orders being followed, the gain for all will be great.


The Guild on the March - 36

If guild members are trained constantly, they will be a well-disciplined group in the game; if not, the game will lose its allure quickly.


The Guild on the March - 35

Guild members must always be treated humanely and with respect, but rules of the guild must be enforced without question. This ensures discipline and victory.


The Guild on the March - 34

Guild and group leaders must uphold the rules of the guild and do so in a manner that is just. When a guild becomes cohesive and punishment for infractions is not enforced, the members will become undisciplined. 


The Guild on the March - 33

A group who jumps into battle thinking little of their opponent is sure to be defeated.


The Guild on the March - 32

If the numbers on both sides of the engagement are equal, no direct attack can be made. Concentrate the force, watch the enemy, and call for reinforcements.

Players: While numbers are not necessarily the only component of a force’s strength in a game (level of players, and class composition of a group are often a more dominant factor), when two groups meet with equal numbers, direct attack is not usually the viable option. Overwhelming the enemy with opposing strength in numbers, levels, and classes is preferable to an equal fight to ensure victory.


The Guild on the March - 31

If a large group of enemies marches towards you without fighting or retreating, the situation calls for vigilance and judgment.

Players: If the battle lines are not crossed by the enemy they may be enticing you to cross into their trap. Be careful when being taunted to cross into the enemy’s territory.


The Guild on the March - 30

If an enemy force sends wishes with complements, they are looking for a truce.

Players: Be aware, if able to communicate with the opposing force, it is often better to say nothing at all versus communicating with them. Often emotions get the better of players and can lead to the defeat of a group more easily than if they focus purely on the objective. If the enemy is attempting to be nice, they may be also hiding strength to entice players into their plans.


The Guild on the March - 29

In PVE or PVP to begin the battle by acting boastful, but then to retreat at the sight of the enemy’s numbers, shows a complete lack of intelligence and understanding.


The Guild on the March - 28

When the enemy is at the end, they will reward rash behavior. When the enemy punishes themselves they show distress.


The Guild on the March - 27

When a players or groups of players in a guild whisper to each other and speak in a manner that leaders will not hear, it may point to discontent.


The Guild on the March - 26

When a group of players prepare without thought of their own welfare, they are fighting to the death.