Terrain - 5

If the enemy is unprepared lacks proper defense, you may easily defeat him. But if the enemy has prepared for the attack, and you fail to destroy them, when returning to the fight is impossible or takes large amounts of time, infinite failure will continue.

Players: This is especially important in games were sieges take place. If an attacking group fails to have the proper tactics when attacking an objective or area, and there is no route with which to return to the fight when subsequently defeated, the advantage is clearly held by the defensive force.


Terrain - 4

Ground or objectives that are easy to abandon, but hard to re-occupy is snaring.


Terrain - 3

Advance and prepare to fight in open areas, guard supply lines, and have escape routes at the ready. This creates the advantage.


Terrain - 2

Terrain that can be moved about freely upon by both friendly and enemy forces is called open ground.


Terrain - 1

There are six major types of terrains: (1) open; (2) snaring; (3) stalling; (4) enclosed; (5) heights; (6) distant.