Terrain - 17

When guild officers are insubordinate towards the guild’s leader, upon leading the guild into battle, and even before the guild’s leader can see whether in an advantageous position, the result is destruction.


Terrain - 16

When a guild’s members choose to be in subordinate to guild officers, disregard for directions will hinder the progress of the guild. When the guild’s officers are overly harsh and critical of the normal members, the result will be failure of the guild.


Terrain - 15

If all else is equal, a guild coming up against a force greatly outnumbering its members, will result in the flight of members.

Players: This is common in MMORPGs where game servers are pitted against other servers with unequal populations. Members will naturally flock towards servers with higher populations to ensure they have other people to play with, who serve as a protective and social measure.

Designers: It is in the best interest of players to ensure balance in the number of players across game servers. Additionally, by limiting the amount of transfers, along with making it unsavory to transfer, this helps to ensure balance among servers. Finally, when all else fails to create balance, the combining of servers to ensure population balance is advised.


Terrain - 14

A guild is subject to six weaknesses arising from the faults of the guild’s leader. These are: (1) Loss of membership; (2) disregard for directions; (3) failure; (4) destruction; (5) disorganization; (6) defeat.


Terrain - 13

If at a distance from the enemy players, and your players’ strength is equal to the enemy’s, fighting is not advantageous.


Terrain - 12

If the enemy occupies a height before you, do not go up, but attempt to bait him away from his defense.