Terrain - 19

When the guild leader is perceived by members to be weak and without authority; when his orders are not clear, when officers do not have fixed responsibilities, and when ranks have no meaning to the guild members, the guild is disorganized.

Players: It is of utmost importance when developing and planning a guild, clan, or group for any video game that requires a use of teamwork, a document that defines the roles and responsibilities of each rank in the group is written with the clearest of language. Ranks should fit a system that is easily recognizable by members, such as recruit for the newest of members and leader held by the guild leader. If there are multiple leaders, they should all have the same rank. It is often easiest to pair the rank with the role in the group such as recruitment officer or logistics officer. The document (e.g., charter) should use the same terminology as is used within the guild, and be accessible to those both in and outside of the group.

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