The Developer's Mind

In today's world, the interaction between players and developers is much more frequent across the spectrum of social media. Because of this, in the last 10 years, players have become much more brazen in requesting of developers what they want out of the game based on their likes and dislikes.

This is mind of a failed player.

MMOs are unique in the world of gaming because they are updated regularly, often to fix an imbalance that was unforeseen by the developers, through the the actions of the players. Players jump on this opportunity to make suggestions without thinking about second and third order effects that will occur if their requested change is made.

So, one should ask oneself when playing a game, "how would the developer play this game?"

Using this question is to the advantage of the player. It allows them to have all the rules and constructs built into the game at their fingertips from the beginning. It removes a bias of the statement, "this is how I want to play this game," and changes the statement to, "this is how the game should be played."

Only after subjecting oneself to this line of thinking, can a player begin to see the subtlety going into the game play. Only then can a player begin to see how a change, if made or needed, will begin to affect the rest of the game, from the point of view of the developer.

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