Negative Leadership Traits

The most important entity in a guild or community is the leader. The leader sets the stage and direction for everyone else, and helps players understand the organizational culture. Players should avoid organizations whose leaders display negative traits. The following are articles identifying these traits:

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The Game Environment - 38

A leader goes forward with the greatest of speed and purpose, and only he knows the final destination.


The Game Environment - 37

At the right moment, a leader acts like one resigned to die facing forward. He moves far into enemy territory before showing his hand.


Miyamoto Musashi on Time

Whatever the Way, the master of strategy does not appear fast….Of course, slowness is bad. Really skillful people never get out of time, and are always deliberate, and never appear busy.
Miyamoto Mushashi, The Book of Five Rings


The Game Environment - 36

By continually changing his plans, the guild leader ensures the enemy has no knowledge of future actions and cannot anticipate the proper response.


CriticalThinking.org - Critical Thinking Development: A Stage Theory

View the article here.

Players: It is important that both players and leaders divest time and energy into being able to critically think about all aspects of MMOs, from community development, to playing the game itself. The better the thinkers are in any group of players, the better their outcomes in the game.


The Game Environment - 35

The guild leader must keep the guild mystified by rumor and legend, thus keeping them in total ignorance of his inner thoughts.

Players: While this may sound confusing, and while guilds thrive on transparency between leadership and the general player base, a guild leader’s reputation is often driven not by what they have done, but by what others say they have done. It is best to keep up the appearance of the positive while quelling the negative quickly.


The Game Environment - 34

The guild leader must be quiet and ensure secrecy while always being a model for what is just within the guild. Thus, he maintains order.


Miyamoto Musashi on Weaponry with Comments

You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter. Too much is the same as not enough. Without imitating anyone else, you should have as much weaponry as suits you.
- Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

Players: In most MMORPGs there are a myriad of classes that can use a myriad of weaponry to play the game. It is important to encourage players on a tactical and strategic level to ensure they are adept at using all weaponry within the game that is available to their particular character. This knowledge not only makes a better player for their chosen class, but gives them insight into the uses of weaponry throughout the game. Players often find a niche weapon for their character that allows them to take advantage of most situations, and suits their style of play.


The Game Environment - 33

Skillful leaders conduct the guild as if leading a single player by the hand.


The Game Environment - 32

The best use of strong and weak members is a matter of the environment.


The Game Environment - 31

Guild leadership must set the standard for courage which all members must strive to obtain.


Miyamoto Musashi on Strategy

The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy's useful actions but allow his useless actions.
- Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings


The Game Environment - 30

Groups of players can be made to do the will of the skillful tactician.


The Game Environment - 29

Skillful tacticians can strike from any angle, at any time, and use any enemy movement to their advantage. They leave the opponent always guessing.