The Problem Guild Member Solution

The problem guild member is one of the most distracting and time-consuming of members. I will provide guild leaders the best answer, that is seldom if ever used.

Remove problem guild members upon recognition they refuse to be a contributing member of the guild.

Guild members and leaders have a commodity that is always in short order, especially for leaders: time. Guild leaders are always short on time as they must plan and execute the purpose for which the guild exists. This often includes the organization of guild events, but when problems arise, they are forced to use their time dealing with problem guild members.

Simply put, a guild member who causes a problem takes the attention and time of the leadership and the guild members who are also involved. This change in focus takes up time that can be used for the normal operations of the guild.

The longer a problem guild member is allowed to be in a guild, the more time and focus they consume from everyone else. Many guilds allow these types of members to remain in the guild after multiple offenses. I disagree with the philosophy. If a guild member changes their ways after the first offense, it is quite acceptable to give them a second chance. But too often these turn into third, fourth, and beyond chances in a guild. I disagree with allowing someone to be in a guild beyond the second offense, simply because of the time commodity they consume from the rest of the guild. Remove them, bid them good luck, and put your time to good use.