The Guild Attacks - 13

Once lost, victory cannot be retained, nor the morale of players regained until future battles.

Players: It is essential for MMO leaders to understand the desires of the players following them. Consistent defeat will lead to players leaving a guild. Players must achieve victories, however small, to want to continue to be a part of the guild, and the grand strategy. Sending players on missions with assured defeat will motivate them to find victory elsewhere.


Backing Camelot Unchained

Today I became a backer of Camelot Unchained. Their foundational principles are what put me over the edge. Give them a read and see if this is a game you might find interesting!



The Guild Attacks - 11

MMO leaders should avoid fighting solely to show the might of their force.

Players: Tactical battles should only be fought to gain the advantage as part of a grand strategy. Resources are wasted if fighting only for pleasure.


The Guild Attacks - 10

Do not move without having the advantage, do not fight without assured gains and in a critical position.


The Guild Attacks - 9

The smart MMO leader plans well ahead, and consolidates and coordinates his players and resources well.

Players: Most MMO leaders think only of now, and fail to plan well in advance. Good leaders, having basic and complex strategies as templates to change when clashing with the enemy, are few and far between, giving only the air of someone in the know, and failing miserably when met with a strong opposition.


A Return To The Art of MMO War

Due to some life obligations, I as the author have had to put this project aside. Now, having done extensive reading in the art of strategy, return to finish this project and continue to write on strategy in video games.

I have taken a hiatus from MMORPGs due to work and family requirements, but I still enjoy single-and multiplayer "dungeon crawlers." I am looking forward to playing the 2014 version of Gauntlet, which you can pre-purchase on Steam. Follow @PlayGauntlet on Twitter and follow Gauntlet on Facebook.

At a point where I can put full effort into MMORPGs, rest assured I will return to them, until then I will continue to write.


The Guild Attacks - 8

Leaders must be able to take advantage of the initiatives made by individual players.