The Guild Attacks - 15

Once morale and order is gone from the guild, it cannot be restored.

Players: Leaders must ensure that their players are both willing and able to follow the rules and regulations of their guild. Those unwilling to do so should be removed at the first sign of disharmony. This quick action is often seen as being too heavy-handed, but on the contrary it shows the willingness to do what it necessary to keep harmony in the guild. Players whose goal is to bring disharmony are a virus that will only spread unless dealt with quickly.

Leaders must also be wise to understand the difference between disharmony and open discourse. Often players will voice complaints with passion, but do so because they see problems arising they want to fix to ensure further harmony. View these times as opportunities to progress the guild as an entity, and not as one to the power invested in the leader to remove a player.

Those who want disharmony are most active when the leader is directing battle, or when the leader is away. During battle they will ensure defeat. When the leader is away they will use rumor and gossip to usurp the harmony of the guild.

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