Nature of MMO War - 1

"War therefore is an act of violence to compel our opponent to fulfill our will."

As Clausewitz explains, violence within the game is the means with which to obtain the objective, which is the the fulfillment of will. In MMOs game designers often create wars and create objectives. As such a guild or a single player creates for themselves subsequent lower tiers of objectives to accomplish within the game. These can range from taking or capturing one or multiple positions on a battlefield to gathering more game resources than the opponent. These minor objectives though are part of the main objective, which is to win the overall battle through violent means.

Additionally, means are also everything available to the player within the gaming construct, and those available to play the game. Computer components and accessories, as well as internet connection speed are means along with communication practices (e.g., voice or typing), just as much as character classes and abilities are means. Leaders shouldn't take this lightly; a player is a sum of their abilities to play the game, both outside the game world and within it.

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