Nature of MMO War - 2

"The fight between men consists really of two different elements, the hostile feeling and the hostile view."

In an MMO, players develop hostile feelings (emotions) towards the opposing side from the fact they pose a threat to the advancement of their character, and the objectives of their guild and/or faction. While most MMO players are not hostile in their daily lives outside of a game, passions often run high in the game. The development of this hostility towards the opposition is both detrimental and helpful to a guild leader.

Players who have a hot-headed temperament become easily distracted by what is going on in the moment at the tactical level, rather than seeing how their actions in anger can bring down a strategy. For example, the player who is dead-set on killing a running enemy may walk into an ambush blinded by their desire to defeat the enemy. The opposition upon seeing this player act in such a manner can continually bait and trap them thus negating their effect in the game.

This is not to say that feelings do not matter; one cannot be a player without having a vested emotional interest in the outcome of the battle and how it will affect their character, guild, or faction.

Contrasted to this emotion is the hostile view, which is built upon the understanding that the opposition threatens the well being of the friendly faction. While emotions may run high, this understanding is necessary to build upon a strategy rather than acting out in blind rage when the opposition appears. When a guild shows intelligence in their ferocity, they engage in violence with meaning, and are able to impose their will upon the enemy.

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