Nature of MMO War - 3

"War is never an isolated act."

In MMOs one must look at the entire situation, rather than just a single battle. In PVE, a dungeon often consists of many small engagements, and a few larger engagements. In a strategic sense, how a group of players engages the entire dungeon to meet their goal of beating the content is just as important as each individual battle. In PVP, the smaller battles that happen do not just spring up for no reason at all, they in fact are outcomes based on the will of those participating in the game. Each event in the game is a step towards a future engagement, and the leader who can see in advance the outcome of the steps is indeed more prepared in the long run to defeat their enemy.

"It does not consist of a single instantaneous blow."

In MMOs one single battle of all forces does not bring about the final outcome of the game, instead it is a continuous sequence of battles over time. In most MMOs, PVE has a resolution through completion of content until a future expansion brings more challenges to the players. In PVP, many different mechanisms are used, often through continuous battles over terrain, or through ranking systems.

"The result in war is never absolute."

MMOs are unique in that the war never ends, and are continually subject to the process of strategy development and execution. Therefore, leaders much always strive to perfect their strategy given the changes within the MMO.

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