Nature of MMO War - 4

We see therefore how from the commencement, the absolute, the mathematical as it is called, no where finds any sure basis in the calculations in the art of war; and that from the outset there is a play of possibilities, probabilities, good and bad luck, which spreads about with all the coarse and fine threads of its web, and makes war of all branches of human activity the most like a game of cards.

It is very interesting that Clausewitz chooses to use a card game for his example of how war is played out. The website pokerology.com has a A Poker Winner's Checklist which would help MMO players, especially leaders in PVP, to better prepare their teams for victory. The key points of the poer player's checklist (discipline, focus, planning) are inherent in the development of strategies that win wars.

Theory must also take into account the human element; it must accord a place to courage, to boldness, even to rashness. The art of war has to deal with living and with moral forces; the consequence of which is that it can never attain the absolute and positive. There is therefore everywhere a margin for the accidental; and just as much in the greatest things as in the smallest. As there is room for this accidental on the one hand, so on the other there must be courage and self-reliance in proportion to the room left. If these qualities are forthcoming in a high degree, the margin left may likewise be great. Courage and self reliance are therefore principles quite essential to war; consequently theory must only set up such rules as allow ample scope for all degrees and varieties of these necessary and noblest of military virtues. In daring there may still be wisdom also, and prudence as well, only that they are estimated by a different standard of value.

Often MMO leaders only acknowledge their own morals, beliefs, and understanding of strategies without taking into account the same from those they lead. In some cases doing this make bring about a defeat; a team cannot stand if it is divided in its objectives. But as many recognize in MMOs, the individual player is not only playing for their side, they are playing for their own self-gratification through their chosen hobby. Therefore, the values and understanding each individual player brings are important towards determining the outcome of battles; a collective understanding of the strategy among players must exist, which in turn allows for victory through this understanding.

There is room for both the team and the individual in MMO war, but the role of the individual must always further the strategy of the team. Self-gratification outside of the strategy is at least a distraction towards victory, and if over-consuming may lead to self-destruction as well as loss.

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