Nature of MMO War - 7

Resolution is an act of courage in single instances, and if it becomes a characteristic trait, it is a habit of the mind. But here we do not mean courage in face of bodily danger, but in face of responsibility, therefore to a certain extent against moral danger. This has been often called *courage d'esprit,* on the ground that it springs from the understanding; nevertheless, it is no act of the understanding on that account; it is an act of feeling. Mere intelligence is still not courage, for we often see the cleverest people devoid of resolution. The mind must, therefore, first awaken the feeling of courage, and then be guided and supported by it, because in momentary emergencies the man is swayed more by his feelings than his thoughts.

Players in an MMO must be of the same mindset, the same understanding of events, the same acknowledgement of their responsibilities as a single player and how their role affects an entire group. They must be resolute to complete their task to the utmost of their ability, with the understanding that giving their all, along with every other player can result in fantastic results. On the other hand, simply knowing the strategy, or knowing all the variables but having no will to play to their utmost ability can and most likely will cause the larger group to fail because of their inability to put their intelligence into action.


Nature of MMO War - 6

The *military power* must be destroyed, that is, reduced to such a state as not to be able to prosecute the war. This is the sense in which we wish to be understood hereafter, whenever we use the expression "destruction of the enemy's military power."

In MMOs, the enemy's military power relates to all metrics of the opposing characters. This includes class type, level, number, group size, guild size, position, and synergies within each.

On the MMO battlefield, victory is not only beating the enemy in one battle, but victory through building a force that can win against all viable means the enemy has and against all strategies the enemy devises. Consequently those leaders who can motivate, train and equip such a force in an MMO are few.

But if even both these things are done, still the war, that is, the hostile feeling and action of hostile agencies, cannot be considered as at an end as long as the will of the enemy is not subdued also; that is, its Government and its allies forced into signing a peace, or the people into submission; for whilst we are in full occupation of the country the war may break out afresh, either in the interior or through assistance given by allies. No doubt this may also take place after a peace, but that shows nothing more than that every war does not carry in itself the elements for a complete decision and final settlement.

In MMO war, the enemy is never truly defeated until the point to where they refuse to fight against the presented force. Because of how games are developed this is not often the case early on, but later in the MMOs development it becomes a valid source of victory. As victory is obtained through smaller battles, when a force meets against another force whose reputation and triumph has already been presented as unstoppable, then victory over the opponent's will is apparent as those who would oppose them make hasty retreats. When the notion in the player's mind is, "that guild is unstoppable," then that guild has already won the battle.