Nature of MMO War - 8

By the word "Information," we denote all the knowledge which we have of the enemy and his country; therefore, in fact, the foundation of all our ideas and actions. Let us just consider the nature of this foundation, its want of trustworthiness, its changefulness, and we shall soon feel what a dangerous edifice war is, how easily it may fall to pieces and bury us in its ruins. For although it is a maxim in all books that we should trust only certain information, that we must be always suspicious; that is only a miserable book-comfort, belonging to that description of knowledge in which writers of systems and compendiums take refuge for want of anything better.

Great part of the information obtained in war is contradictory, a still greater part is false, and by far the greatest part is of a doubtful character. What is required of an officer is a certain power of discrimination, which only knowledge of men and things and good judgment can give. The law of probability must be his guide.

Players must understand the enemy in and out - as Clausewitz states, it guides their every action because actions are the product of our ideas about the abilities and weaknesses of the enemy. We see the ruin that is cause when our ideas of the enemy clash with the reality of what the enemy can do. Guilds are often at their lowest morale when the enemy, either the game's AI, or opposing players do not fit into the formula leaders have provided for their members.

No matter what someone may write or post about a character or class in a game, only through experience is knowledge gained that will guide proper actions within the game. No matter how often a player may read about doing something, until they have done it will the ideas and actions combine properly.

Probability in a game is different, as AI is limited whereas the human imagination is not. The AI in the game is held bound by the rules of the game as put forth by the developers. While players are within the same construct they can bend the rules to their favor, and developers expect and want this to happen. This is often seen when one guild uses a strategy to defeat a boss or opposing team with success, while another team may also be successful using a completely different strategy that wasn't thought of by the developers. In this way, both players and developers feed off each other to create content that is both challenging while allowing for ingenuity on the part of the players.

Over time, players gain experience through their game play to allow them to expect certain constructs to occur, and this happens during the game experience. It does not happen through just reading about the game.