Guide to Streaming Retro Consoles on Twitch (OBS Version)

Please follow this guide to learn how to stream retro console gameplay via Twitch.

Needed Items

1. A Twitch account.
2. OBS or Xsplit (I personally use OBS, though Xsplit works fine)
3. Dazzle DVC 100 (You can find this at Best Buy or online) ~ $70
4. Three (3) RCA Y splitters ~ $15 (I got these at Walmart for $0.25 less than Best Buy).
5. 12 foot (goes from TV to Dazzle) and 4 foot RCA cable (the second is for the NES unless you already have one) - $10
6. A TV within 12 feet of your computer. That being said, you can plug your game into the Dazzle and play directly through what you see on the broadcaster, but it will have a slight delay and it will screw you up at times in game.

Optional (but highly recommended) Items

1. RCA Switch Box - $25 (optional, I find it easier to use a switch instead of trying to constantly switch out the systems)
2. Additional RCA Cable for use with switch box.

Dazzle and Cable Installation

1. Install your Dazzle on your PC. Use the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

2. Put on the RCA Y Splitters. Put one each on the Yellow, Red, and White inputs.

3. Connect the long RCA cable to one of your TV's RCA Inputs, and to one of the ends of the Yellow, Red, and White inputs of the Dazzle.

4. Connect the console RCA cable to the corresponding end of the other available RCA Y splitter ends (NES will only have Yellow and Red, so if you wear headphones you will only hear out of the right ear).

Video Version

Setting up OBS

Text Instructions (Credit Triple S of Youtube)

• Have OBS open and your Dazzle plugged in
• Right click in 'Scenes:'
• 'Add Scene'
• 'Ok'
• Right click in 'Sources:'
• 'Add'
• 'Video Capture Device'
• 'Ok'
• 'Device:' pick your Dazzle
• 'Audio Input Device:' pick your Dazzle
• 'Output audio to desktop'
• 'Open Crossbar'
• 'Output' pick '1. Audio Decoder Out'
• 'Input' pick '5. Audio Line In'
• 'Apply'
• 'Ok'
• 'Configure'
• ':Video Standard' pick 'NTSC_M'
• 'Apply'
• 'Ok'
• 'Ok'
• 'Preview Stream'
• Sort out the video size and cropping and everything
Note - The following is only required for newer consoles and not for the NES or SNES
• 'Sources:' right click 'Video Capture Device'
• 'Properties'
• 'Configure'
• ':Video Standard' pick 'SECAM_B'
• You now have your Dazzle up in full colour with audio

Xsplit Version


Devilian Reviewed

I've ventured into the Alpha of Devilian; so far what I'm seeing is good. While the game is currently in alpha and closed beta tests, it is getting good reviews with some worries. I will try to explain as best I can the good and not so good to give a fair review, though I am not going to go into extreme detail about the game itself - you can get all the basic information via the game's website.


The graphics of the game are really good and give the full field of a fantasy world.

Zoomed Out

Zoomed In

Evoker Devilian Form


If you've ever played Guild Wars (or GW, the original, not Guild Wars 2) you've played Devilian. Even down to the font on the screen, the gameplay is very similar to GW. From both PVE to PVP the game runs and feels the same,  you just don't have a large troop of NPCs following you around. But that is OK! You will run into other players and the game even rewards you for making friends (well at least inviting people to be your friends).

If you haven't played GW, the game is very similar to a Diablo-esque game, though you'll notice it doesn't move as quickly. You do get a mount fairly early on and the game has a wonderful auto-run feature which allows you to get up from the computer sometimes while travelling from place to place. This feature is thus far one of the best highlights of the game - no more figuring out how to go from A to B, the game takes care of it for you!

End game wraps around repeatable content and...yes you guessed it, guild war arenas. These range from 3v3 to 20v20 for now but I can only guess they will come up with inventive ways to help the game keep players active. The downside is PVP is all in Devilian form which lags a lot in its leveling process.


This game is full of them! From the missions, to daily quests, to repeatable content, you will never run out. In fact you'll find you've outleveled the content pretty quickly from level 30 on (max is currently 52) because you'll have so many quests to do!


The UI is a standard UI that most MMOs use, but it has few customization options at the moment. I could see this being a problem for players who really want to set the screen up the way they desire most from a PVP point of view.


Something about how you turn into a devil. No honestly, that is about it. If you've been playing MMOs and ARPGs for any appreciable amount of time, there is no story here that will keep your eyeballs glued to the quest text.

What Needs Work

Right now the most work involves getting the bonuses and gifts correct for Alpha players. Currently we only received the major titles and mount on our first character. Supposedly this will be fixed before release. I am not holding my breath - I will be making an Evoker first just in case this never comes to fruition. The bonuses do need to be applied across the board for all characters as the hefty $150 price tag for access justifies giving the players some love.

Speaking of Evokers - it is the only class to me that blends its skills well. The rest feel very clunky to play, and the pauses between skills are frustrating. For that reason I won't be rolling a second character until this issue is addressed.

Wrap Up

I'll give Devilian a solid PLAY. It may not be drastically new in the genre, but for a MMO title with some extras that games like Diablo 3 lack, it does have at least a much more open world, PVP, mounts, and the ability to take out a lot of mobs at once is always happening.



I've picked up the game Trove and am having a wonderful time. Unfortunately right now a lot of people are having a wonderful time and it has caused server instability, especially during challenges.

I'll be posting up some of my creations and I stream my adventures regularly.

Dig on!

While the servers are down, why not read some strategy?


Devilian Livestream 2

Trove: Minecraft meets ARPG

I'm delving now into the world of Trove, which is a building-ARPG from Trion, who also made Rift and is producing the upcoming ARPG Devilian.

Why the switch from Path of Exile to something less hardcore? Simply put server issues and bugs plague the awakening to the point where in the Tempest league, I was dying more to bugs and server issues than anything to do with my inability to play. That alone makes the game more frustrating than ever. I can deal with overtuned bosses, but Act 4 felt both too short, and too buggy to want to start over every time a crash/bug killed my character (one of the best is when Piety stands still yet is shooting her attack with nothing showing on the screen).

On to building! So far I really like the gameplay in Trove and will give it a chance until (praying) I can get into the Devilian beta test.


Path of Exile: Awakening

Check out the trailer for Path of Exile: Awakening!

I will be participating in the new Hardcore league that starts on 10 July, 2015. Here is to hoping the new act gives more challenges and something to strive for in the leagues!


The Rise of the Mobile MMORPG

A number of producers have started bringing to the MMORPG genre mobile. What does this mean for the future?

Mobile games are generally free to play, and make their money off cosmetic or pay to win subsidization. This is a scary thought for the future of MMORPGs, if what was once an incredibly challenging (both via critical thinking and logistically with a group of people) becomes an incredibly mindless, almost simplistic version of itself, will the MMORPG even survive on PCs or cease to exist as viable for future publishers?

As a secondary thought, what does this mean for the bandwidth and data over mobile networks? Is my phone going to now come to a halt because I can't use it due to the number of people playing games?

Here are some examples:




At least Star Wars: Battlefront will keep me busy for quite awhile.


Steve Burke: The Origin of the MMORPG & More

Source: http://www.gamersnexus.net/gg/1891-where-mmorpgs-come-from-richard-garriott-interview

A great read for what the MMO invented, and why it is stale at the moment. Here is to hoping the future is better!

Techradar: Is the MMORPG on the verge of extinction?

Source: http://www.techradar.com/news/gaming/is-the-mmorpg-on-the-verge-of-extinction--1289503

While I would say no, it isn't on the verge of extinction, it is definitely in an ice age of sorts. MMOs have reach a formulaic peak that is distressing. "Kill x of this" or "y of that" has been a mantra for two decades. I've even found myself streaming my NES and SNES games now because they are much more fun, especially the SquareSoft RPGs of the past.

Who knows, maybe Camelot Unchained with its focus strictly on PVP can break the mold again?


MMOSite: MOBA will Overtake MMORPG in F2P Revenue in 2015

Source: http://news.mmosite.com/content/2015-04-01/moba_will_overtake_mmorpg_in_fp_revenue_in_2015.shtml

I'm surprised it took until 2015 for this to happen. The popularity of MOBAs, particularly with their high-purse events has exploded as a phenomenon that MMORPGs can't battle.


Medical Press: Score! Video gamers may learn visual tasks more quickly

Source: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-03-score-video-gamers-visual-tasks.html

The best quote from the article is:

"A lot of people still view video games as a time-wasting activity even though research is beginning to show their beneficial aspects," Berard said. "If we can demonstrate that video games may actually improve some cognitive functioning, perhaps we, as a society, can embrace newer technology and media with positive application."

The researchers should have used the game Portal as their test activity.


Theory of MMO War - 1

The art of war is, therefore, in its proper sense, the art of making use of the given means in fighting, and we cannot give it a better name than the "Conduct of War." On the other hand, in a wider sense certainly, all activities which have their existence on account of war, therefore the whole creation of troops, that is levying them, arming, equipping, and exercising them, belong to the art of war.

Guild leaders must look at every activity through the lens of war within the MMO. From how they organize their guild, to whom they select as leaders in the guild it must be done with the fact the guild's existence is to win the war in the game for which they are formed. Secondary to this are other activities, but without this as the goal, the guild itself is failed from the start.

According to our classification therefore, tactics is the theory of the use of military forces in combat.

Leaders must understand what they accomplish with their guild in the everyday machinations of the game are tactics. Each event is a tactical event and is in and of itself a unique time frame. Because of this, leaders must be able to dominate their opponents within the moment through proper use of their forces. They must have an established playbook from which to use on the battlefield, which presents their theory of victory for the given circumstances.

Strategy is the theory of the use of combats for the object of the war.

Leaders must be able to identify multiple outcomes for each engagement as well as how each engagement affects the next. This timeline of battles throughout the game and victory across them is the end result of a successful strategy towards the desired end state. By developing tactics which lead to the desired end state, a leader develops a strategy. Each movement, whether it is direct combat or supporting operations is crucial towards development of a successful strategy and must be well thought out.

Leaders should develop a strategic document which outlines the tactics for combat operations, support operations, and logistics operations within the game. The document should outline the chain of command, as well as the requirements for members. Often this type of documentation is part of a guild's charter, but it may be more helpful as a stand-alone document.