Theory of MMO War - 1

The art of war is, therefore, in its proper sense, the art of making use of the given means in fighting, and we cannot give it a better name than the "Conduct of War." On the other hand, in a wider sense certainly, all activities which have their existence on account of war, therefore the whole creation of troops, that is levying them, arming, equipping, and exercising them, belong to the art of war.

Guild leaders must look at every activity through the lens of war within the MMO. From how they organize their guild, to whom they select as leaders in the guild it must be done with the fact the guild's existence is to win the war in the game for which they are formed. Secondary to this are other activities, but without this as the goal, the guild itself is failed from the start.

According to our classification therefore, tactics is the theory of the use of military forces in combat.

Leaders must understand what they accomplish with their guild in the everyday machinations of the game are tactics. Each event is a tactical event and is in and of itself a unique time frame. Because of this, leaders must be able to dominate their opponents within the moment through proper use of their forces. They must have an established playbook from which to use on the battlefield, which presents their theory of victory for the given circumstances.

Strategy is the theory of the use of combats for the object of the war.

Leaders must be able to identify multiple outcomes for each engagement as well as how each engagement affects the next. This timeline of battles throughout the game and victory across them is the end result of a successful strategy towards the desired end state. By developing tactics which lead to the desired end state, a leader develops a strategy. Each movement, whether it is direct combat or supporting operations is crucial towards development of a successful strategy and must be well thought out.

Leaders should develop a strategic document which outlines the tactics for combat operations, support operations, and logistics operations within the game. The document should outline the chain of command, as well as the requirements for members. Often this type of documentation is part of a guild's charter, but it may be more helpful as a stand-alone document.