Devilian Livestream 2

Trove: Minecraft meets ARPG

I'm delving now into the world of Trove, which is a building-ARPG from Trion, who also made Rift and is producing the upcoming ARPG Devilian.

Why the switch from Path of Exile to something less hardcore? Simply put server issues and bugs plague the awakening to the point where in the Tempest league, I was dying more to bugs and server issues than anything to do with my inability to play. That alone makes the game more frustrating than ever. I can deal with overtuned bosses, but Act 4 felt both too short, and too buggy to want to start over every time a crash/bug killed my character (one of the best is when Piety stands still yet is shooting her attack with nothing showing on the screen).

On to building! So far I really like the gameplay in Trove and will give it a chance until (praying) I can get into the Devilian beta test.


Path of Exile: Awakening

Check out the trailer for Path of Exile: Awakening!

I will be participating in the new Hardcore league that starts on 10 July, 2015. Here is to hoping the new act gives more challenges and something to strive for in the leagues!