Guide to Streaming Retro Consoles on Twitch (OBS Version)

Please follow this guide to learn how to stream retro console gameplay via Twitch.

Needed Items

1. A Twitch account.
2. OBS or Xsplit (I personally use OBS, though Xsplit works fine)
3. Dazzle DVC 100 (You can find this at Best Buy or online) ~ $70
4. Three (3) RCA Y splitters ~ $15 (I got these at Walmart for $0.25 less than Best Buy).
5. 12 foot (goes from TV to Dazzle) and 4 foot RCA cable (the second is for the NES unless you already have one) - $10
6. A TV within 12 feet of your computer. That being said, you can plug your game into the Dazzle and play directly through what you see on the broadcaster, but it will have a slight delay and it will screw you up at times in game.

Optional (but highly recommended) Items

1. RCA Switch Box - $25 (optional, I find it easier to use a switch instead of trying to constantly switch out the systems)
2. Additional RCA Cable for use with switch box.

Dazzle and Cable Installation

1. Install your Dazzle on your PC. Use the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

2. Put on the RCA Y Splitters. Put one each on the Yellow, Red, and White inputs.

3. Connect the long RCA cable to one of your TV's RCA Inputs, and to one of the ends of the Yellow, Red, and White inputs of the Dazzle.

4. Connect the console RCA cable to the corresponding end of the other available RCA Y splitter ends (NES will only have Yellow and Red, so if you wear headphones you will only hear out of the right ear).

Video Version

Setting up OBS

Text Instructions (Credit Triple S of Youtube)

• Have OBS open and your Dazzle plugged in
• Right click in 'Scenes:'
• 'Add Scene'
• 'Ok'
• Right click in 'Sources:'
• 'Add'
• 'Video Capture Device'
• 'Ok'
• 'Device:' pick your Dazzle
• 'Audio Input Device:' pick your Dazzle
• 'Output audio to desktop'
• 'Open Crossbar'
• 'Output' pick '1. Audio Decoder Out'
• 'Input' pick '5. Audio Line In'
• 'Apply'
• 'Ok'
• 'Configure'
• ':Video Standard' pick 'NTSC_M'
• 'Apply'
• 'Ok'
• 'Ok'
• 'Preview Stream'
• Sort out the video size and cropping and everything
Note - The following is only required for newer consoles and not for the NES or SNES
• 'Sources:' right click 'Video Capture Device'
• 'Properties'
• 'Configure'
• ':Video Standard' pick 'SECAM_B'
• You now have your Dazzle up in full colour with audio

Xsplit Version